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Children’s Dental Health Month

Making home dental care a family activity!

Children mirror their parent’s behaviors. Let that sink in for a minute! When you look at it through this lens, what we say and do becomes a great responsibility. What your children or grandchildren see you do will set the stage for their behaviors for the rest of their lives.

The NUMBER 1 thing you can do to set your child up for a lifetime of good dental health is to ingrain a morning and nightly routine of dental care.


Many children have told us that they don’t floss because they ran out of it. The small floss packs you receive in your dental goody bags only have 50 yards of floss. It’s not meant to last 6 months! Make sure you have plenty of floss or floss picks, toothpaste, and extra toothbrushes in your home supply closet.


Kids and adults alike should brush their teeth for 2-3 minutes. There are many ways to time yourself while brushing, but you can’t beat an old-fashioned hourglass timer. Other ideas include listening to, or humming a song while you brush or using an egg timer. How ever you do it, make sure you brush for an adequate length of time.


Make a nightly routine of flossing, then brushing your teeth together as you prepare for bed. This will create a correlation between the time spent with you and good dental habits. It will be something they will remember the rest of their lives!


Visiting the dentist regularly will help us find and address dental problems early on and prevent more extensive problems later. Ensuring your child has healthy teeth will truly be the gift of a lifetime.

Dr. Michael Gillespie and his award-winning staff have the experience and skills provide for all your dental needs. Dr. Gillespie has practiced dentistry in Waynesville, NC for 28 years and has been named “Best Dentist” multiple times.

Michael D. Gillespie, DDS

Michael D. Gillespie, DDS