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Fresh Breath Tips

Fresh breath is a sign of a healthy mouth.

If you have ever been self-conscious of your breath while on a date, during a job interview, or in a social situation, you can understand why many people seek treatment for bad breath. When trying to put your best foot forward, you don’t want to get tripped up by your mouth! The following are tips anyone can use to keep their breath fresh and healthy.

Practice Proper Dental Hygiene

Our mouths are full of bacteria, both good and bad. The plaque that forms on teeth when they are not clean is teeming with bacteria that emits a bad odor. If you viewed it under a microscope, you would see thousands of squirming organisms whose universe is inside your mouth. Brush and floss your teeth twice daily and don’t forget to brush your tongue!

Stay Hydrated

A dry mouth can be a source of bad breath. Proper hydration has many health benefits, so seek to consume water throughout the day. Sodas, teas, and coffee do not count. With proper hydration you will keep all your parts, including your mouth, functioning properly. Remember, we are 60% water!

Watch Your Diet

Many delicious foods also leave an offensive odor. Think garlic, onions, and some spices. Our local spring delicacy, ramps, has its own bad breath lore associated with it. Make sure you don’t consume these before a first date!

Stop Smoking

The habit of smoking has many untoward consequences and “smoker’s breath” may be the mildest. Smoking dries out the mouth, stains the teeth and oral tissues, and leaves a bad odor. It also causes cancer!

Use a Medicated Mouthrinse

Over-the-counter rinses can mask odors, but many do not address the bacteria that cause bad breath. We recommend a rinse with hydrogen peroxide as a main ingredient, or OraCare Medicated Rinse, which can be purchased at our office. OraCare contains Activated Chlorine Dioxide, which forms a gas that kills bad bacteria in the mouth. Many of our patients use it and swear by it for its ability to alleviate symptoms of dry mouth, improve their periodontal health, and leave their breath free of odors.

Dr. Gillespie has practiced dentistry in Waynesville, NC for over 27 years. His award-winning team has the experience you need to treat all your dental needs.

Michael D. Gillespie, DDS

Michael D. Gillespie, DDS