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New Year’s (re)SOLUTIONS

Don’t start off the new year with last year’s leftovers!

In case you’ve already given up on losing weight and hitting the gym every day, here is a quick list of (re)SOLUTIONS to get your 2022 started off right!

Replace Your Tooth Brush

Worn and frayed bristles are less effective at brushing your teeth. A worn brush means you have to scrub harder which risks damaging the gums. Toothbrushes are also a breeding ground for bacteria since they remain damp most of the day. Change your brush every 3-4 months andalso after any illness such as cold, flu, or COVID.

Develop a Nightly Brushing/Flossing Habit

Along with your new toothbrush, stock up on dental floss and start flossing and brushing before bedtime. Your gums will thank you, as will the rest of your body because you will be reducing inflammation which will boost your immune system. Use floss picks if dexterity is a problem.

Meditate and Log Out to De-Stress

During the pandemic we have seen an increase in cracked teeth and jaw pain, likely due to stress and worry. Learn how to meditate by downloading an app such as Calm or HeadSpace, or check out some YouTube videos for guidance. Then log out of the constant news cycle. Stress has some very real repercussions, dental and otherwise. Make self-care a top priority. If you feel you are grinding your teeth, we can make a protective mouth guard to prevent tooth and jaw pain.

Remember, the mouth is the gateway to good health. You need healthy teeth in order to eat a healthy diet and chew your food completely for digestion. The rest of your body will thank you!

Dr. Michael Gillespie has practiced dentistry in Waynesville, NC for 28 years. His award-winning staff has the experience and skill to provide for your family’s dental needs.

Michael D. Gillespie, DDS

Michael D. Gillespie, DDS